Fabulous Feet Overview

This course contains: 

  • PDF’s that introduce the importance of creating fabulous feet.  
  • A written detail of how each exercise is performed and what movement cues you should be thinking about when you're sensing these movements. 
  • An introduction video that lays the groundwork for the rest of the videos.
  • Videos that are individually produced so that each building block of movement can be practiced and learned on its own. 
  • Plus one video that combines into a seamless follow along that can be practiced in less than 10-minutes.
  • A video on using a massage ball to “be your own therapist”  -- a flavor of self care that can be profound and instructive to noticing your experience.


The sensations we feel in our feet are a small fraction of that information network. Most of the information that feet are sending to the brain is happening “behind the scenes,” as a part of the non-felt sense of network of information.

This “behind the scenes” or non-felt sense network of information is sent directly into the cerebellum. It is this information that allows us to move and respond without having to think about activating and deactivating our muscles. It happens automatically. We create a goal of where we need to go and the body responds to that goal. 

Our feet are continuously sending neurological information to our brain. The brain is then responding with instructions in response to that information: good input equates to good output. 

The quality of our movement is in direct relationship to the capacity of our joints to send information to the brain. Good input is required for the brain to respond appropriately to the needs of our environment. When we improve the capacity of those joints to send that information to the brain, our movement improves and with that so does our health and vitality. This is why we focus on the quality of joint movement in the Fabulous Feet program. 


Completed the entire course today. It corrected a few movements I was doing wrong and gave me a variety of new others. My clients will definitely like this path. Fabulous Feet is a must have in the toolbox of every movement practitioner. Thanks, Joseph! -  Mutiibwa Allan

I like the exercises, the sensations, the broadening of my awareness as a result of the new sensations. - Robert Rex

Happy Haptic Sensory System - Jack Stella

I've enjoyed the rolling exercises so far! Luxurious! - Holly Middleton

Very well done Joseph! I enjoyed it and I really like the platform you use to deliver it! - Becky Coots Kimbley

About Joseph

Joseph Schwartz is the developer Dynamic Neuromuscular Assessment™ Seminars and The 5 Primary Kinetic Chains. Schwartz’s exploration and study in the somatic field has led him on a 30+ year journey of finding joy being in the body. His passion is to give people a movement experience that creates a shift in perception. His inquisitive nature continually asks him to look deeper at why different practices have different physiological effects, such as how the tangible and the non-tangible interface with this vehicle we call the body.