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The goal for Optimizing Assessment is to give you a highly specialized toolbox full of assessment tools based on movement. 

Most manual therapists have been given a collection of techniques to treat symptoms; with Optimizing Assessment we are instead showing you how to assess your client’s presentations.  

Then you can take whatever tools you’ve been trained in to treat the real issue your client is experiencing in their body. 

Objectives for this course:

  • To have improved understanding how the nervous system is influencing movement response. 
  • To have increased understanding of the division of the peripheral nervous system, as well as the parasympathetic and sympathetic.
  • To experience increased clarity what the principal actions outlined via Dynamic Neuromuscular Assessment™ are and how they are influencing movement integration.
  • To have increased understanding of movement vocabulary, as it is our language for having a conversation with the nervous system. 
  • When assessing clients, to have the tools at hand to answer the question, “Does the nervous system of my client have the capacity to appropriately respond to specifics of their movement?”

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